Rachael first texted me before the summer with the idea of starting up a blog together. My answer? Yes, of course, or we wouldn’t be here right now. She’s the girl with the camera, the predgy, adorable midget: how could I refuse? Sometimes life throws us opportunities we’d be stupid not to take. This is one of those.

Truthfully, I knew that I would never be able to create anything with a prospect of being interesting to other people unless I  had the help and coolness of Eleanor; she’s one of the most imaginative and spontaneous people I know and she even reads extra intellectual books on the train, so that when people see her with them (including me) they think ‘Oh God, she’s clever’ and she is. She has a whole wall covered in cuttings from fashion mags and is pure brilliance.

Together, we can make things happen. We both have crazy, stupidly ambitious ideas, but with each other’s help, we can turn them into workable, tangible projects. Hopefully. So this is us: creating and working with things we love, that hopefully you will too.



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